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Experiencing basement waterproofing issues within your property is a very common problem.  With 20 years experience JW Surveys can offer a fully comprehensive report regarding basement damp in Kent, the South East and Essex. You may have an existing problem you need help with or you may have chosen to remodel your basement.  Corrective actions and advice are readily available with JW Surveys.

Basements often lie below the water table and are susceptible to the pressure of ground water against the walls

As basements and cellars often lie below the water table, they are susceptible to the pressure of ground water against the walls and floor that can often render a basement or cellar uninhabitable.  Damp problems may be caused by lack of maintenance, poor build quality, design defects or deterioration.

If you own a home and have a subsoil basement then you need to be concerned about basement waterproofing. Basement waterproofing is defined as preventing water from penetrating into your basement area.  JW Surveys can produce an independent report to ascertain the problem and its location.  We offer a no obligation, thorough damp survey from expert advice whether the treatment needed is for a new basement or an existing one.

The source of the problem could be a water leak or high humidity.  Both of these situations can cause mould or mildew.   Keeping the water out of your basement will limit the amount of mould and mildew that can occur in your basement area. Depending on the severity, these conditions can lead to structural problems, rot and can cause illness and sickness within the family.

A damp basement may be due to ground water which can seep through floors and foundations or excessive rainfall.  Leaves and debris could be clogging gutters or it may be that you do not have enough gutters.

Where water is clearly entering into a basement, or any walls which are below ground the following action needs to be taken.  Water can seep through into your house in many ways.  These include an outside leak in the foundation, leaking water pipe, toilet, shower or bath.  A damp basement can be caused by moisture migrating through a concrete foundation.  Another common cause could be condensation on a cold concrete floor.

Many houses have basements and cellars that were never designed for modern living. They can suffer from hygroscopic damp due to atmospheric conditions, penetrating damp and flooding.

JW Surveys will provide you with a comprehensive report which will cover the envelope of the property to assess its general condition.  External observations including photographs of areas of concern as well as an internal observation.  You will be provided with conclusions including a full plan highlighting the work required.  Specification and budget estimates are based on current industry rates.

So if you live within one of the many towns or villages of the Kent, South East or Essex area contact JW Surveys.  We will arrange a property survey with one of our independent damp surveyors and provide you with a comprehensive report of our findings and any necessary advice to address the cause.

Our Services

All surveys are carried out in accordance with:-

  • BS7913:2013 Guide to the Conservation of Historic Buildings
  • BS 5250:2016 Code of practice for control of condensation in buildings.
  • And the SPAB approach to building conservation which combines well-proven principles with practical repair techniques.

JW Surveys carry out the following surveys and reports within the South East of England:

  • Independent Damp & Timber Surveys and Reports
  • Damp & Timber Pre-Purchase Surveys
  • Structural Waterproofing Reports
  • Structural Waterproofing Design to BS8102:2009
  • 7 Days A Week subject to availability



*Based on a domestic 2 bedroomed property

Limited Survey (Level 1) - from £250.00*

Suitable for clients with a specific limited area of dampness or decay.  JWSurveys will carry out a limited non-destructive inspection but will undertake an onsite salt analysis test.

Property Condition with combined Timber & Damp Survey  (Level 2) - from £350.00*

This survey is suitable for most conventional properties, built as early as 1900s except period properties and those with a “Listed” status. JWSurveys will carry out a non-destructive inspection but will undertake an onsite salt analysis test.

Period Property Condition with Timber & Damp Survey (Level 2a) - from £400.00*

Suitable for the more unusual property. Eg period properties or those with “Listed” status.

Reports Compliant with Civil Procedure Rules Part 35 - from £500.00*

Suitable for use as evidence for the purpose of civil proceedings in a court in England or Wales


Available Add-Ons

  • On site salt analysis - £15.00 per sample
  • Calcium Carbide Test - POA - (Note: - The calcium carbide test involves the taking of a number of material samples by drilling a series of holes into the strata and we would require written permission from the vendor/owner before carrying out this test as we do not "make good" to the disrupted areas tested)

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