Penetrating Damp

This is where water gets into the building from outside. You will see a damp patch a bit like a stain from a spilt drink and it indicates that a repair is needed. This may be to the roof, flashings, gutters, rainwater pipes, waste pipes, window sills, brickwork or pointing.


This is where water vapour in the air in the house condenses on a cold surface. It normally appears on windows in the early morning and evaporates harmlessly as the house warms. It may also appear on toilet cisterns and cold water pipes but is only a problem when water vapour condenses on cold walls and black mould begins to appear.

A wall may be cold and attract condensation for several reasons:

Walls to the back addition of older houses are more exposed and so may be colder it may only be a 4 inches thick brick wall, especially where an old external toilet or coal house has been demolished or incorporated into the main house it may be facing north or the room may be unheated a leak to a gutter or pipe may make part of a wall cooler

Water vapour

This is created by normal, everyday living in your house such as washing, cooking, bathing, drying clothes, breathing and burning fuel.

The average family produces 20 pints of moisture every day.

Our Services

JW Surveys carry out the following surveys and reports within the South East of England:

  • Independent Damp & Timber Surveys and Reports
  • Damp & Timber Pre-Purchase Surveys
  • Structural Waterproofing Reports
  • Structural Waterproofing Design to BS8102:2009
  • 7 Days A Week subject to availability

These are all carried out by our Independent Damp and Timber Surveyor who is approved by The Property Care Association.

PCA Membership

JW Surveys are members of Property Care Association




  • Timber & Damp Surveys from £195
  • Condensation & Mould Surveys from £195 (lab analyses to identify mould types can be undertaken at additional cost)
  • CPR part 35 Compliant Report £POA
  • Rates for commercial properties are available upon request

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