The Protection of Ancient Buildings.

JW Surveys are delighted to be members of The Society for Protection of Ancient Buildings. Much of the old timber of ancient build is irreplaceable and simply too precious to lose. When we carry out our surveys for timber damage and timber pest infestation, we follow the guidelines set down by the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings to ensure that our recommendations for wood treatments are not destructive to the fabric of the building. In this way we help to preserve the unique history of the building in question complete with its wear and tear and authentic signs of use.

Throughout the Home Counties there are many rural cottages and farm outbuildings that can benefit from employing the SPAB practices documented in BS7913:2013. At JW Surveys we carefully evaluated all damp and pest damage to wooden building structures. The remedies and treatments we recommend will always care for the building and as far as is possible ensure that unique and attractive features of old wood bearing signs of age and use can be retained. JW Surveys can also provide this service to owners of buildings that may not be legally protected but where the owner wishes to retain the character and history of the building and know that all structural problems have been dealt with.