Surveys by JW Surveys Ltd

Intelligent Information and Independent Insight

JW Surveys Ltd provides independent building and damp surveys across London, the South East and Home Counties. We are a specialist in identifying necessary remedial works particularly in timber framed properties.

We know that your property is your most valuable asset. Whether you are looking to buy, sell or stay where you are, it is important you are confident that the integrity of the property is safe and habitable. We can conduct surveys in listed and period properties complying with all current legislation and best practices. We are members of the SPAB (Society for Protection of Ancient Buildings) and are associate members of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

For over 20 years, we have helped literally thousands of property owners, buyers, architects, estate agents and other surveyors by delivering Intelligent Information and Independent Insight; ensuring they understand the nature and extent of any issues, receive an expert and unbiased opinion on the works required and the most cost effective method of remediation.

We have over 20 years of experience in the building restoration industry and therefore can offer a specialist independent damp surveys, timber surveys, and building survey service.

We are totally independent of contracting companies and product manufacturers thus my inspections are conducted without bias or favour. This means that you will receive an objective opinion based upon evidence and facts – not the need to sell work or a treatment procedure.

The inspection will cover…

  • The accessible structural timbers of the roof and floors for evidence of infestation by wood-boring beetles/wood destroying fungi
  • The walls at ground floor level for evidence of rising damp from ground water and water ingress from internal or external defects
  • The walls below ground level in basement areas for evidence of penetrating water from the ground.
Every property is different and we will advise you beforehand were there are difficulties in access. We will discuss this with you and agree a solution before proceeding. For example we would not as a matter of course take up fitted carpets without instruction.

The report will cover…

  • The envelope of the property to assess its general condition
  • External observations including photographs of areas of concern
  • Internal observations
  • Conclusions including a full plan highlighting the work required
  • Specification and ‘budget’ estimate based on current industry rates.